Survival Skills Videos – Vlog

Remember… you don’t want to be learning new skills in the middle of a crisis – having basic survival skills can mean the difference between life and death.

So, whatever your survival focus – urban survival to wilderness mastery – or your political views, YoYo Survivor’s Survival Skills Videos – Vlog will have something for you and your family to enjoy and share.

Welcome To YoYo Survivor – Survival Skills For When YOU’RE ON YOUR OWN [Be Prepared]
What To Do FIRST If There’s A Power Outage [5 TOP SURVIVAL SKILLS TIPS]
How To Avoid CAFFEINE WITHDRAWAL – Survival Skills For Blackouts [And Other Emergency Situations]
How Your Fingers Can Tell The Time Left Before Sunset [Survival Skills WITHOUT A WATCH OR PHONE]
ONE KEY Survival Skill Most People Don’t Remember [For Short And Long Term POWER OUTAGES]
Why You Need To Keep Crayons In Your BUG OUT BAG [Survival or Emergency Preparedness Kit]
Signs And Symptoms Of FROSTBITE And How To Avoid It [Plus SECRET Survival Skills Bug Out Bag Item]
FOOD SHORTAGE – How To Prepare And What You Need To Know [Survival Skills For You And Your Family]
Add An ICE APP And Contacts On Your Phone NOW [A Simple Survival Skill IN CASE OF EMERGENCY]
Know Your Firewood – 9 OF THE BEST WOODS TO BURN [Survival Skills To Keep You And Your Family Safe]
Water Shortage, Water Cut Off Or Shut Off TOP TIP [Be Ready] For A Surprise Survival Situation
TOP 5 SURVIVAL EMERGENCY TOILET TIPS – Learn How And Where To POOP In The Woods [Leaving No Trace]